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Finding the best parts and equipment to tackle the great outdoors can be a challenge. It helps to have guidance from those who’ve been there before. Quality, informational reviews about Smittybilt products can help you find what you need to complete your rig the right way, the first time. Whether you’re heading to the desert, the forest, the swamp, or the highway, Smittybilt Depot is here to help you make the right decision before you buy.


Smittybilt: A History of Quality

For more than five decades, Smittybilt has manufactured quality parts and accessories for four-wheel drive vehicles. The company developed an intricate manufacturing process that ensures every part and accessory is of the highest quality prior to distribution. Smittybilt is committed to creating innovative products that are functional, stylish, and that employ cutting edge technology. With more than 2,000 products serving the international market for truck and Jeep parts, Smittybilt is a leading manufacturer in the off-road industry.

In the beginning

Smittybilt first started in 1956, when Basil “Smitty” Smith began fabricating off-road parts from his home workshop. Smitty named his shop Rock-ett Products. His love and passion for four-wheel drive vehicles led him to develop equipment for small four-wheel drive SUVs and trucks. Rock-ett Products was later renamed Smittybilt.

Perfecting the business

For many years, Smitty’s son Tom worked at Rock-ett Products, and then at Smittybilt. With the knowledge and skills he learned over years of working with four-wheel drive vehicles, Tom was able to come up with new products catering to the growing off-road industry. One such product was the original nerf bar side step. Nerf bar steps are ideal for stepping into and out of a lifted vehicle.

Expanding the product line

Today, Smittybilt has various products specifically designed to serve the needs of truck, Jeep, and ATV owners. Examples of Smittybilt truck products include grille savers, Sure Steps, billet grilles, M1 truck products, street light bars, contractor’s racks, and smart covers. Some of Smittybilt's products designed for use in a Jeep include sidebars, seats and covers, SRC roof racks, SRC tubular doors, bumpers, lighting systems, XRC armor, storage equipment, and Jeep tops. There are also different ATV products available, such as ATV winches and trail equipment.

Smittybilt has hundreds of accessories, like trail equipment, air compressors, XRC black boxes, and winches to suit every off-road need. The air compressors are compact, and are ideal for airing up or airing down an off-road vehicle’s tires to suit different types of terrain. Each compressor comes with a storage bag, a quick-release coil hose, three needle adapters, and heavy duty clip connectors. Smittybilt's X20 winches range between 8,000 to 12,000 lb of line-pull, and are built for serious off-road enthusiasts.

A history of Smittybilt and its products

Created in 1956 in the home workshop of Basil “Smitty” Smith, Smittybilt has been there every step of the way with the growth of the off-road industry. Smittybilt is a leading manufacturer of off-road components for two-, four-, and all-wheel drive vehicles.

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