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Finding the best parts and equipment to tackle the great outdoors can be a challenge. It helps to have guidance from those who’ve been there before. Quality, informational reviews about Smittybilt products can help you find what you need to complete your rig the right way, the first time. Whether you’re heading to the desert, the forest, the swamp, or the highway, Smittybilt Depot is here to help you make the right decision before you buy.


Increase Your Jeep’s Functionality with Smittybilt XRC Accessories

If you’re looking for Jeep accessories for your vehicle, Smittybilt offers the equipment you need. Smittybilt supplies high-quality equipment to owners of Jeeps and SUVs. Accessories increase the functionality of your vehicle, and can also protect it from dirt, debris, and the rigors of serious off-roading. Some accessories can also dress up your vehicle and give it a rugged look.

Disposable Seat Cover

If you own an off-road Jeep that you regularly use to explore mud holes and dusty trails, then you need covers to keep your seats protected. With disposable seat covers, you no longer have to worry about dust, mud, and water staining the seats of your Jeep.

JK Grab Handle

Driving at high speed through bumpy and rocky roads can bring plenty of adrenaline, but you should never compromise safety. Keep your passengers safe throughout the ride with grab handles for JK Jeeps. These handles are reinforced with ballistic nylon webbing to increase strength.

Winch Grab Handle

When it comes to unspooling steel winch cables, extra leverage can make the job easier. This leverage is precisely what the winch grab handle provides. The handle also features a molded design to give you a more comfortable and secure grip.

Beaver Step

Every Jeep needs a stepping point to make it easier for you to access your truck bed. The beaver step is forged from carbon steel to maximize strength.

Hard Top Hoist

With the Smittybilt 1,000-lb capacity hard top hoist, you no longer need to call for extra hands to help you remove and reinstall your Jeep's hard top.

Spare Tire Relocator

With the spare tire relocator, you no longer need a tire carrier to transport tires. The relocator has a capacity for up to 35-inch tires, and is finished in a black powder coat.

SRC Oversize Tire Carrier

If you own a Jeep Wrangler JK, you know how challenging it is to mount a tire to your vehicle. This task becomes easy and economical with the SRC oversize tire carrier.

Adjustable Door Strap

The Smittybilt adjustable door straps are sold in pairs. You can adjust the maximum angle of your vehicle’s door when it’s opened.

Off-Road Organizer

Do you have trouble keeping track of your off-road trip essentials, such as maps, tools, flashlights, and vehicle documents? The off-road organizer is compact, easily fitting into a glove box. It comes with several features to help you organize your accessories.

Receiver Hitches

It's best to be prepared for unexpected situations when traveling off-road. A receiver hitch gives you a mount point for a tow strap, if you need to pull another vehicle out of trouble.

3-Inch Tube Bumper End Caps

Protect your bumpers and other components with bumper end caps. These caps protect the ends of your bumpers from scratches, bumps, and other damage.

Fender Flares

Fender flares allow you to install larger wheels and tires, while keeping your vehicle street legal. Smittybilt's fender flares are easy to install and can be painted to match your Jeep’s color scheme.

Security Storage Vault

With the security storage vault, you no longer have to worry about keeping your possessions safe when going on off-road trips. The drawer-type vault is made from cold-rolled steel with a 350-lb capacity.

All the Smittybilt accessories you need for your next off-road trip

Protect your Jeep and expand its functionality with Smittybilt’s line of XRC accessories. From body armor and fender flares to steps and storage solutions, Smittybilt has the gear you need to complete your rig.

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